Congratulations to the New Executive Board!

2014/2015 Executive Board positions.

•   President: Cody Smith
•   VP of Performance: Melissa (Nikki) Plantilla
•   VP of Membership: Amanda Cowden
•   VP of Operations: Bohan (Ron) Bing
•   VP of Alumni Relations: Elisabeth Ayres
•   VP of Communication: Karina Dahilig
•   VP of Finance: Daniel Verburg
•   Master of Rituals: Katie Hogan

Above (left to right): B. Bing, K. Hogan, K. Dahilig, E. Ayres, C. Smith, D. Verburg, A. Cowden, M. Plantilla

Congratulations Gamma Chi Pledge Class

The Gamma Omega chapter would like to congratulate the members of its most recent pledge class, Gamma Chi on becoming full Brother members on Saturday, November 23, 2013. We are proud to induct our new Brothers:

  • Bohan (Ronald) Bing
  • Raquel Davalos
  • Lauren Fujino
  • Katherine Gread
  • Jackson Kerschen
  • Richard Kim
  • Daniel Verburg
  • Chantal Wong

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  Spring Banquet 2011 at The Seattle Yacht Club, Group Shot

Above: Spring Banquet 2011 at the Seattle Yacht Club

Look forward to announcements from all of our committees and E-Board about further details surrounding these events, and events not mentioned here. If you have ideas about what Gamma Omega can do this quarter to add to the great things we have planned already, please don't hesitate to contact anyone in a leadership position, who could pass your idea on and make it happen!!