Executive Board

Executive Board

2016 - 2017


Name: Trey Takara
Pledged: Spring 2014
Previous Positions: Director of Operations, Pledge Class President
Class & Major: Junior, Accounting & Japanese
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Experience & Activities: Tax Consulting, Deloitte Tax LLP, Finance Analytics/Underwriting Intern, Liberty Mutual Insurance; Finance and Accounting Intern, Nordic PCL Construction; Budget and Communications Analyst II, Seattle University College of Science and Engineering; Seattle University OIT Help Desk Analyst
Goals: I'd like to build upon our chapter's strong network by forging relationships with fellow student groups and the amazing faculty/administration here at Seattle University. I also want to create a strong reputation for our chapter beyond SeattleU--establishing partnerships with local businesses and corporations in order to maximize opportunities for brother members.

Executive Vice President

Name: Farin Fukunaga
Pledged: Fall 2014
Previous Positions: Master of Rituals
Class & Major: Sophomore, Business Economics Major
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Experience & Activities: Assistant, Lee Financial Group; Desk Assistant at Seattle University Housing
Goals: Achieve 100,000 points on the ACR (Perfect performance)

Vice President of Membership

Name: Maggie Gronberg
Pledged: Fall 2015
Previous Positions: Pledge Class Vice President
Class & Major: Junior, Economics w/ Minor in Finance
Hometown: Duvall, Washington
Experience & Activities: Intern for US Senator Maria Cantwell; King County Finance and Business Operations Internship; SU's Bellarmine Advising Center; Ann Taylor Loft.
Goals: Create a more cohesive and inclusive chapter and evolve the pledging process to be more efficient and effective.                                                                                                                                                                         

Vice President of Alumni Relations

Name: Mark Kim
Pledged: Fall 2015
Class & Major: Junior, International Business Major
Hometown: Vancouver, Washington
Experience & Activities: Shin Estu America; Target Corp. 
Goals: Bridge relationships and use our alumni as a resource to connect and develop professionalism.

Vice President of Finance

Name: Wesley Kamikawa
Pledged: Spring 2014
Previous Positions: Pledge Class Secretary, VP of Finance (2014-2015), Webmaster
Class & Major: Junior, Finance
Hometown: Kaneohe, Hawaii
Experience & Activities: Financial Analyst Intern, Amazon
Goals: Build more internal controls + create a standardized internal audit procedure for the Chapter's finances. Maintain a clear record keeping standard and documentation.

Vice President of Communication

Name: Alice Sun
Pledged: Spring 2015
Previous Positions: Pledge Class President
Class & Major: Sophomore, Accounting
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Experience & Activities: IT Analyst Bank of Hawaii; Seattle University ITS Help Desk; Nordstrom
Goals: Increase the Chapter's social media presence and better integrate the website into chapter operations.

Master of Rituals

Name: Zakary Kim
Pledged: Fall 2014
Previous Positions: Pledge Class Vice President, VP of Membership
Class & Major: Junior, Accounting
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Experience & Activities: Assurance at Ernst & Young; HOIDA at Housing & Residence Life; Lead Server at Oma Bap
Goals: Increase the relations between Gamma Omega and other chapters in the Pacific Northwest Region

Previous Executive Boards


2015 - 2016

President: Trey Takara
Executive Vice President: Katherine Gread
Vice President of Membership: Zakary Kim
Vice President of Alumni Relations: Katie Van Hoomissen
Vice President of Finance: Wesley Kamikawa
Vice President of Communications: Tanish Bhojwani
Master of Rituals: Farin Fukunaga

2014 - 2015

President: Cody Smith
Vice President of Performance: Yara Al Howar
Vice President of Membership: Amanda Cowden
Vice President of Alumni Relations: Elisabeth Ayres
Vice President of Finance: Daniel Verburg
Vice President of Communications: Karina Dahilig
Master of Rituals: Katie Hogan


President: Jeff Lee
Executive Vice President:
Vice President of Membership:
Vice President of Alumni Relations:
Vice President of Finance:
Vice President of Communications:
Master of Rituals:



President: Arielle C. Newcomb
Vice President of Performance: Kuan-Lin Chen
Vice President of Membership: Nudhanai Lunchaprasith
Vice President of Alumni Relations: Amy Fallon
Vice President of Operations: Colin Hirai
Treasurer: Samantha C. Tran
Secretary: Yeajin (Jane) Park
Master of Rituals: Laura (Rose) Breeskin

2011 - 2012

President: Quy Dai "D.Q." Lam Quach
Vice President of Performance: Haley Henderson
Vice President of Membership: Hilary Taber
Vice President of Alumni Relations: Holly Cameron
Vice President of Operations: Colin Hirai
Treasurer: Brandon Hexsel
Secretary: Joyce Chan
Master of Rituals: Michael Velkov